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What is the minimum order?

Our minimum order is 1 item (we haven’t figured out how to take an order for .5 of an item yet or we would). However, the more pieces in your order, the less each piece will cost.

How much do blanks cost?

This is a complicated question that we are asked frequently. The biggest factors in the cost of an order are color, count, effects and quantity. The more colors, the more complicated the setup, the more materials we use, and the higher the cost. Most of the cost of the order is in the setup, so the higher your quantity, the more that cost is spread out.

How long will my order take?

Our standard turnaround time is 10 to 14 business days*, so arrival date will vary 1 to 5 days from then depending on your shipping time (based on your location). But if you need your shirts sooner, we have rush order options!

A small rush fee covers shipping both ways and additional labor, and you can sit back and relax because we guarantee all of our arrival dates!

*Turnaround starts from when an order is finalized, not when it is originally submitted. All quotes and mockups must be approved.

Free Mockups

Included in every order are awesome mockups of all of your prints on all of your blanks. These aren’t exactly what your prints will look like (although they are very similar) but they give you a great idea of what your print will look like and let you see placement and sizing on a real scaled mockup.

We do not charge for mockups, but they are very valuable for getting us on the same page.

What type of files should I submit?

There are a few different options for file types, depending on if it is a vector file or a raster file.

Vector Files (From Adobe Illustrator or a similar program)

Vector art should come over as a .pdf, .eps, .cdr or an .ai file. Please outline all text and strokes and make sure images are embedded.

Raster Files (From Adobe Photoshop or a similar program)

Raster art can come in many different formats, .psd would be the best case, but a high quality .png or .jpg can also work just fine. The biggest concern with a raster file is that it needs to be at least at 300ppi at the dimensions that you want to print it (600ppi is even better).

If all this is confusing, feel free to reach out over email, or just send this info to your designer and they should know what to do with it!

Can I pick up my order from the shop?

Absolutely! We love when our customers come and see us. We’d love to give you a tour of our shop. Even if you don’t have an order, feel free to stop by!

Can I bring in my own items to be printed or embroidered?

Yes, but we ask that they are new or clean. We also reserve the right to inspect the items brought in and accept or turn down due to quality that our work will be displayed on.

Is there a charge for putting numbers on a shirt?

Yes, numbers are available for $5 per shirt.

Is there an extra charge for shirts bigger than an XL?

We charge $1 per “x” for example; 2x=$2 extra, 3x=$3 extra, etc.

Questions or Comments?

Send a quick message to request a quote or to get more information. Don't be shy!


(817) 319-8156



9-6 Mon-Fri